About DMV Interlock

DMVInterlock connects you with top ignition interlock providers that have a reputable background, and offer quality and reliable device technology and customer service.

DMV IID partners with ignition interlock companies that meet state requirements and offer alcohol monitoring products are used in all 50 states in the U.S.

Our company values.

Low Rates and Fees

IID monthly costs average around $60 - $90 per month. We will help you compare prices with the best IID providers near you.

Trusted Providers

Connect with professional providers that your state administrators trust.

Convenient Locations

Find locations near you that offer professional installation and ongoing support.

Interlock Advisors are Here to Help

DMV Interlock advisors are familiar with state regulations and what IID requirements are. Fill out the form below and a DMV IID advisor will contact you to guide you through our simple, one-step, application process.