Drive Legally After a DUI in New York

Regain your driver’s license quickly with DMV Ignition Interlock by finding a professional installer for your car breathalyzer at a great rate

Driving after a DUI

Getting a DUI in New York doesn't necessarily mean you can't drive anymore. While getting convicted will likely result in a suspension, you may still quickly regain driving privileges with the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID).

An IID is a mobile breathalyzer that tests for alcohol in your breath before allowing you to start your vehicle. The state of New York allows exceptions to license suspensions in cases where IIDs are installed.

Trying to drive on a suspended license (without reinstating your license) in New York may result in significant fines and an even longer license suspension.

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You can drive again quickly by installing an New York-approved IID, such as those from DMV Ignition Interlock. After calling, or requesting a callback, a license-reinstatement specialist will walk you through your requirements and offer to schedule an appointment at a trusted installation center. With our expanded network of over 21 locations in New York, you can easily choose an interlock location and time that’s convenient.


Make sure you install an IID that’s affordable AND reliable. DMV Ignition Interlock offers reliable IIDs at a very low price. They offer 24/7 customer support and they make the installation and service processes easy and fast. DMV Ignition Interlock allows you to choose from the most installation and service locations nationwide, which minimizes interruptions in your life.

DMV Ignition Interlock satisfies key requirements:

Choose from the most locations for installation and service.
DMV Ignition Interlock offers one of the industry’s lowest rates.
DMV Ignition Interlock’s specialists have helped tens of thousands of customers regain their licenses over decades.

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